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According to the Environmental Assessment (EA) Act Cap 65:07,  Section 24, reads: The Board shall – (a) Register and Certify Practitioners in terms of Section 38 of this Act.

Applicants must apply for registration and certification using the
appropriate application form, provided ONLINE.

  • Application Criteria (for PEAP) is provided as per Schedule 4, From B, Regulations 10(2); of the EA Regulations Cap 65:07.
  • Application Form (for PEAP) is provided ONLINE.
  • Fill in the FORM (Application for PEAP) provided
  • Check, fill in, attach and tick listed required necessary documents.
  • Fees payable: “Application fee = Registration fee” is non-refundable.
  • Once Board Approves your registration as a PEAP; an annual subscription and certification fee will be required as per Form C (regulation 10 (3) and 11).
  • NOTE 1: All applications must be addressed to the Executive Secretary
    – in accordance with Section 39 of the EA Act Cap 65:07 ;
  • NOTE 2: Application and all documents/attachments must be submitted as hard copies (hand delivered) – twelve (12) printed copies are required, one of which should be marked “Original”, while the other eleven
    (11) should be marked “Copies”.
  • NOTE 3: only Approved applicants will be Registered as PEAPs.
  • NOTE 4: Each PEAP must provide evidence of participation in different stages of EIA/EMP, as well as clear specification/description of role played in each EIA/EMP project/study – MUST be included / form part of the team of each project/study participated in.

vii) Registration/ Application (once-off non-refundable fee)


viii) Annual Subscription (paid annually by registered SEAPs only)


ix) Certification Fee (paid for the certificates by registered SEAPs only)


Note: * All applications must be accompanied by a proof of payment.
* Application fee is non-refundable.

Banking Details

Important Note: Applicant's names should be used as a reference otherwise the fees will not be traceable to them.
Account Name: BEAPA
Bank: FNB
Acc No: 62303114037
Branch: Riverwalk Plaza
Branch Code: 285267
* Application fee is non-refundable.

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